The Outcast Mage: Book ONE

Amy spends her nights saving supernatural creatures. But the one person she can't save . . . is herself.

Abandoning magic and living in hiding is the only chance that Amy has to survive. But everything changes on the night that she comes to the aid of a centaur infant and its mother. And Amy's medical skills alone won't be enough to save their lives . . . only her magic will.

With the mages who want her dead hunting her down, she has no choice but to unite with a mysterious being named Rowan, who has a hidden agenda of his own.

Now Amy must join forces with the creatures who were once her patients and fight to uncover the one secret that may be powerful enough to save them all.

"Richly imagined, well written Urban Fantasy"

“Truthsight is Urban Fantasy of the highest order. It is well written and it's fantastical elements are richly imagined and copious. Pixies, Gnomes, Changelings, Centaurs and a magical creature embraced by the forest that I will let you discover for yourself. The prose is rich without ever bogging you down with excessive description. The characters are well rounded . . .Highly recommended!”

-Amazon Reviewer

"Wonderfully descriptive..... Great Read!"

“Miriam Greystone brings such a colorful and vast description of mythical creatures in this debut book. Truthsight is a fast paced book that I couldn't put down. Amy is a strong heroine whose kindness leads her into trouble with her distant Clan who she is running from. Rowan is looking for a home to call his own, and the two of them take the reader on a fantastic adventure. I don’t know how she does it, but Miriam brings alive a whole new universe of pixies, centaurs, mage and leshy on a chase to help restore balance in a world that is fading out. This book has good versus evil and conflict in characters, it is an overall great read.
Truly wonderful descriptions and nonstop action leave me hoping the next book comes out soon.”

-Amazon Reviewer

"Amazing fantasy read"

“….this book completely surprised me with how amazing the story was and what a great job this author did with writing her first novel. I am very impressed and can not wait to read another story by this author. I was hooked from the very beginning and had a very hard time putting it down.”

-Amazon Reviewer

"What an imaginative fantasy!"

“I loved this book. It’s like nothing I’ve read before. A wonderful fantasy with awesome characters and such an interesting story. I don’t know where Ms. Greystone gets her ideas, but I want to visit. I hope this is a series that lasts a long, long time. Reading this, you would never know this her first book! I never guessed the twists and turns this story took. The descriptions of the people, places, and events are so detailed, you would think you were right there with them. I highly recommend this book!”

-Amazon Reviewer

"An epic, beautiful, heartbreaking struggle against enemies both seen and unseen"

“Truthsight” is an epic, beautiful, heartbreaking struggle against enemies both seen and unseen. It’s real even considering the fantasy/paranormal themes and powerful in a way I really wasn’t expecting. In that regard, the description doesn’t do it justice. Ms. Greyston’s characters are strong, complex, and well-developed. Amy’s fight against her personal demons is so very relatable and human. Anyone who has ever made a choice and suffered less-than-ideal consequences will relate to her. She’s been running from her past and beating herself up mentally over a decision she made in good conscience that had disastrous results. She doubted, struggled, agonized and I found myself cheering her on, tearing up, and feeling proud of her triumphs.”

-Amazon Reviewer

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