I had an idea. Actually, in all honesty, it wasn’t a completely original idea. I had been e-mailing over the course of a few days with an author who was giving me a great deal of friendly, insightful advice. And, after some encouragement from her, I came up with my idea: a book-club. Not just any book-club, but a book-club specifically for authors. A place where people who were writers, and wanted their writing to get better could come together and study, enjoy, and damn near dissect the work of writers they admired.

It was, and is still, a wonderful idea. But there was a fatal flaw in my great idea: time. The truth of it is that I already have negative four hours of time everyday. Between my family, my job, working on my writing and my own, ever alluring, bookshelf…I couldn’t make it happen. So, instead, I am hoping this blog can do that instead. It can be a place to stop and really look, closely, at great books, and to think out loud about what those writers did right, and how I can do the same. And it has one, amazing advantage. Something that a book-club could never, ever offer: I can blog at home, at two in the morning. While wearing my favorite slippers.

I will admit to a terrible personal weakness: I am a slipper snob. I am not a picky person in almost any regard – but I love my slippers, and it is hard to find a pair that I love as much as I love these slippers. And anything that can be done while wearing them is automatically that much more awesome. So, I hope that you’ll hang out with me as we start to take a close look at some really great writing. If you have suggestions of a book that you think I should take a look at, just send me a message. I think this should be a lot of fun!

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